Sunday, January 25, 2015


So many times when you hear someone recruit for a direct sales or network marketing business they tell stories of big paychecks, luxurious trips, cars and other fantastic rewards. But is that the reality of working your own business? Not at all. Thousands of women and men join a direct sales or network marketing business each year. The real story is that for most, they are never going to quit their full time job and maybe never earn more than a couple extra trips to Starbucks a month. Dreary thought, but does that mean that a direct sales business is pointless?

This is my candid confessional. My adventure into the world of direct sales. I have been in my business for almost one year. I have earned enough to stay active for another year but I am not any closer to quitting my day job than I was last March. I have had moments of tears and moments of personal triumph. I have wanted to reach for the stars one minute and quit the next. I have felt rejection and acceptance. It has been up and down, physically, emotionally and financially.

Yesterday I felt defeated. I had high hopes for an event in which I was able to participate. After a quiet day of very little action and no sales, bookings or recruits, I wanted to pack it in. I even said as much to my dear husband. I told him I was done. Why go through the disappointment after weeks of planning and organizing. Why put myself through that again and again? Why? Why? Why?

This is my why...

Her name is Kayla. She is five years old. As I write this blog post she is sitting across the living room from me, curled up on the couch under her favorite fleece blanket and playing on her LeapPad. She is my buddy, my shadow and my joy. She is my why.

When I was in the throes of discouragement my husband reminded me that there was a little girl watching me. Do I want her to see me quit when things get tough? Not really. Do I want her to learn that with perseverance and hard work anything is possible? Absolutely. 

Sure, I would love to rise to the top of the company. I would love to be pulling in five figure bonuses each month. I would love to quit my full-time job and work my business only. That would be awesome. Is it possible? Sure. Will it happen? I don't know. What I do know is that if I give up now I will never see where I can go. If I quit now, I will forever think of myself as a quitter. 

Somedays when the sales and bookings are rolling in, when the recruits are beating down your doors, you feel like you are on cloud 9. But then there are those days where it is so quiet you can hear crickets chirping. It is in those moments that your have to ask yourself, "What is my why?"

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